Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Spring Cleaning'

‘Spring Cleaning’

I’ve recently read different organizers mention how a messy area is anti-productive.  Having lived my entire life with symptoms of ‘Attention Deficient Disorder’, I find that keeping my desk, or art studio,  clutter-free does not appear to be an option for me, at least for any length of time.  But, does it really matter if your work area is messy?  After all, I have brought over 60 representational oil paintings to fruition in the past 5 years, all with a messy studio. Does creativity flow more smoothly in an organized area?  Or is the creativity and aura of peace only in the mind of the painter?

Regardless, I have an innate sense of order, if only in my own mind, that allows me to know where to locate everything I need at the moment, regardless of the disorder visible to the visitor’s eye.  That is, of course, as long as no one (i.e. my tidy husband) comes along and moves it to a new location.  Now, that can send me reeling out of control! 

A little flurry of a cleaning and clearing in my studio won’t be the first time I have attempted such a makeover.  Almost every spring and fall, my spirit is stirred, and I need to clean out some clutter.  In fact, I just recently reorganized my clothes closet.  I even matched all of the hangers, and found a spot for each pair of shoes.  Having a built-in cabinet to hide my handbags and jewelry didn’t hurt at all.  In fact I actually found tons of space that I didn’t know I had!  I suppose I even took some pride in my ‘new’ closet, once the work was completed. 

So.... I suppose since spring has arrived,  I will apply a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ to my art studio in the coming weeks, if only to satisfy that conflicted part of me that has been told over and over throughout the years that a “cluttered work area induces a cluttered mind”.   
I promise to post an ‘After Photo’.  My hope is that I can still create in the art area once it is tidy. 

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