Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Canyon Vista"

My husband and I had our first experience in the Sedona, Arizona area in January of this year.  Right away, we went in search of the “vortex” that we kept hearing about.  The hotel where we were staying provided a map of the area with tiny icons that appeared to be tiny tornadoes throughout the area, as well as a list of shamans.  We chose to a shaman to lead us to the most active vortex in Sedona.  Once we were in his van, he told us that the Mayan and Hopi Tribes had considered all of the Sedona area to be sacred, since the entire city was built on a vast vortex of energy that stretched all the way to Scottsdale. 
The shaman took us to to place that he considered to be a particularly spiritual area, Machu Picchu.  There, he said, we might best experience the vortex.  This particular area is famous for its Mayan history.  Supposedly, folks who have visited there have had visions and epiphanies due to the electrical forces coming from the ground.  The shaman drove us past a golf course and to the top of a mountain range that looked to be a desert garden area with paths leading in and out of a cliff.  There the shaman drew “good energy” in to us  by lighting a bouquet of sage and ‘smudging’ us with its smoke,  According to the shaman, he was unable to rid us of the bad energy.  Afterward, he pointed across the canyon, and told us that the Hopi Indians and other Native Americans believed that Adam and Eve , the very first man and woman, originally appeared from within a large mountain cave in the side of a beautifully sun-lit red rock formation across the way, thus creating an entry or exit, depending on how  you looked at it, to the vortex.  
After wandering around the garden area and taking a few photos, we quietly looked across the canyon and around and soaked in the majestic panorama in which we found ourselves.  I have to admit, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.  After the trip, I think my husband and I came to the conclusion that the energizing experience which we had hoped to have by seeing, touching and feeling an actual vortex was indeed felt, just in a different way.

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